To Whom It May Concern:


I am writing this letter on behalf of Lisa Skidd.  We had the pleasure of meeting Lisa approximately 7 months ago as we embarked on a mission to train our 6 month old Newfoundland puppy,  Amadeus.  It was love a first sight.  Almost immediately, Ami felt the love and compassion that Lisa shared.  That was our indicator that Lisa was the trainer for us.  Beyond her compassion she is extremely knowledgeable and informative as it relates to her training skills.  She worked diligently not only to train Ami, but to train myself and my husband to become more disciplined with our pet.  Working with Ami was a challenge as he had 6 months of some bad habits to break and we accomplished most.  Still working on some and getting better!


Additionally, Lisa has been extremely supportive of our personal needs.  Both my husband and I travel frequently and are in meed of someone that we feel most comfortable with taking care of our dog.  Lisa has graciously accepted Ami as an extension of her family where he will live with her when we are on travel.  He loves her children and they love him back.  It is a win-win for all.


Lisa offers me peace of mind when training and caring for Ami and there is nothing more important to both my husband and I.  I would highly recommend Lisa as a trainer and a friend to all.


Kind regards,

Annamarie Alleva and Anadeus

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