This is the story of Ben.  He is a black shepard/lab/dane mix, about 110 lbs.  I adopted Ben from a shelter when he was 11 months old.   It was his second time there.  I don’t know what he had been through but he didn’t know how to play.  Jumped and chewed on people and was very aggressive to other dogs.  The first trainer I took him to would not put him in  a class with other dogs because of his size and aggressive behavior.  After several private classes she advised me that he was totally untrainable and I should consider putting him down.  She said I would have to keep him in a fenced area and away from other people and animals.

THEN I was referred to Lisa.  She took Ben into a class with other dogs and she has worked wonders with hem.  She would not give up on him and helped me through some really rough times.  I am so happy to say now Ben is everything I wanted him to be. I can take hem anyplace with me.  We go shopping, to the park, and to craft shows.  He is very friendly, people can pet hem and he even plays with other dogs.  I can even let him play with my 3 yr old grandson.  If we hadn’t found Lisa, I probably would not have him.  Angels are all around us!

Thank you Lisa.

Phyllis Akers

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