Agility Training

Looking for an exciting activity for you and your dog?  Look no further.  Agility is a challenging sport for you and your dog which develops confidence and teamwork while expelling energy.

Come Learn With Jenza and develop an amazing sport and relationship together.

We currently offer an Intro to Agility class, a Basic Agility, and a Competition Agility class at Sheldegren Pet Resort.

Introduction to AgilityCost $135. per 6 week course

This course teaches your dog ” how to” use  the equipment and develops techniques for you to better handle your dog through the course.  Equipment includes:  Jumps, Tire, A-Frame, 36′ Dog Walk, Tunnel, Table, Weaves,  Blind Jump, Long Jump and Teeter and more.

Basic Agility: Cost $125. per 8 weeks drop in card

This course fine tunes and sharpens your basic agility skills through varied courses  with specific drills and techniques.

Competition Agility Class $20 per class

This Class has everything you need to make you and your pup a champ in any agility trial.


$25. non- refundable deposit required to hold a spot in the Intro to Agility course.  Deposit held until start up of program unless through paypal.

**A copy of vaccines are required to participate.

Free phone consultation available

Reserve a spot in Introduction to Agility at Sheldegrens in Safety Harbor Beginning Saturday January 6th 2018 1:30 p.m. 3 Spaces Left!


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