Puppy / Basic Training

The Basic/ Puppy Group Course covers all your basic skills needed to have a well behaved family member in an 7 week course.  It includes most of the test items for the CGC test as well.    It starts off with the foundations of training and teaching your pup/dog how to pay attention to you.  You cannot teach a dog that is not focused on you!  Throughout the course you build a relationship with your dog as well as basic control over the commands.

We use positive reinforement & conditioning training to build a trusting relationship which develops a pet that is eager to learn and please.

Cost of 7 week Course:  $135.00

Dates, times, & locations of classes in right column of page.

Obedience skills taught in course:

1.  Sits,  sit stays from 5 feet, sit while owner shakes a persons hand, sit while another person approaches with a dog and shakes owners hand

2.  Loose leash walking, loose leash walking through group of dogs

3. Come on  6′ leash to Distant recalls on a 20 ‘ leash

4.  Heels to heeling through people and dogs

5. Downs and Down Stay from 5 feet away

6.  Waits/ boundaries at doors, gates, car door

7. Socialization skills  each week

Behaviors Covered in Course:

1. Jumping on people, furniture or counters

2. Leave it

3. Dropping and retrieving

4. Place

5. Potty Training

6. Barking

7. Bathing/ Grooming

$25 non- refundable deposit is required to hold a spot in the course.

Classes held at Sheldegrens and Vetcare.

**A copy of vaccines are required to participate.

Free phone consultations! 

Reserve a spot in Basic Obedience Classes at Vet Care in Tampa

Registering for Next Session January 2018.


Reserve a spot in Basic Obedience Classes at Sheldegren Pet Resort in Safety Harbor


Registering for Next Session  Beginning Oct. 28th Saturdays @ 8:30 a.m.


Basic Training Times & Places

Sheldegren's Safety Harbor Mrs. Lisa
Next session:
Oct 28th -Dec 16th (No Class Nov 25th)
Saturdays @ 8:30 a.m -9:30 a.m.

Vetcare Village Mrs. Lisa
Next Session January 2018
Saturdays 1:15 pm -2:15pm

Register for Classes at the Bottom of the Page.

Next Free Puppy Seminar/ Mrs. Lisa
Vet Care / Carrolwood
Saturday November 3:00 p.m.-4:00p.m.
Reservations required Call:

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