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To Whom It May Concern:

I have worked with Lisa Skidd in what I call “Dog Class”, in both private and classroom scenarios, and have found her to be professional, effective, results-oriented and a strong educator.

“Dog Class” is a tern that I use to describe something more than a traditional obedience course, because Lisa uses a holistic approach to enabling a dog to be a better-behaved, mannered and socialized family member.  She can, of course, teach a ‘sit’ and ‘stay’, but for a more advanced approach, she also educated the owners on why the dog acts a certain way and how to get a better response from them.  She also suggests other tools, such as collars and leads, which lead to further improvement.

Lisa appears quite knowledgeable about reading reactions from a dogs behavior, and then, while putting her students and their parents at ease, makes the learning experience enjoyable.  It’s easy to see this by the way the dogs respond to her and her fondness for them.  It’s a fun and positive experience that keeps several of us returning – even once we’ve learned new behaviors.

I would highly recommend Lisa for anyone with a dog, and I have, – whether they want to learn basic commands, social skills and manners, or the correction of problems.   The kennel where I keep my bulldog mix while away suggested Lisa and called her the ‘Other Dog Whisperer’.  All I can tell you is that she’s truly provided a very enriching experience for us.


Judy Safer

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