To Whom It May Concern:

Lisa Skidd is a wonderful trainer.  She’s calm, cool and collected no matter what the dogs and the people are up to.  I’ve seen her work wonders with quite a few dogs.  I’ve seen dogs that were unfriendly to other dogs become very nice with other dogs.  I’ve seen dogs and puppies learn basic obedience commands over the course of 8 weeks.  I’ve seen happy and proud dog owners who have been through her classes.

My first experience with Lisa was more than a year ago.  I signed up for on o f her basic obedience classes with my 2 year old rescue.  My dog and I enjoyed every class.  We did our homework each week and were very happy with our progress.

Upon completing the basic obedience class, my dog and I joined one of her more advanced classes fr dogs that understand the basics.  We’ve been in the advanced class for more than a year because it’s a fun class for the dogs and their people.

When I brought a puppy home I immediately signed her up for Lisa’s puppy class.  It was a very good experience for an 8 week old puppy.  I was surprised and delighted by how much a young puppy can learn.

Of course I signed up my puppy for Lisa’s basic obedience class as soon as she finished her puppy class.

Now my puppy, my rescue and I attend Lisa’s advanced class.  Lisa is very good at keeping the class fun and interesting for all the people and dogs that have been in the class for a long time.

I highly recommend Lisa as a dog trainer for dogs and people of all ages and level of experience.

Vikki Calvano

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