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Puppy/Basic Group Obedience Class

We will begin a new Puppy/Basic Group Obedience Class at Vetcare in Carollwood on Saturday Oct 22nd at 12:30. This class is open to puppies and older dogs that have had little or no training.
Subjects taught in class are:
Obedience skills taught in course:
1.  Sits,  sit stays from 5 feet, sit while owner shakes a persons hand, sit while another person approaches with a dog and shakes owners hand
2.  Loose leash walking, loose leash walking through group of dogs
3. Come on  6′ leash to Dist…Read More

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Tricks Class, More Than Just “Sit”

Beyond “Sit”

Reasons why I love teaching my dogs:


Training can be fun!  Dogs are very fun motivated and trick training meets that need.

Real laughs are heard during our Pet Therapy hospital visits when Briscoe shows off his tricks.    

Involves all family members!

Can win prizes & cash.  (Briscoe once won $50 at a tricks contest!)

Keeps variety in dog training.

Stimulates dogs mentally which has multiple health benefits and is tiring.


Dogs of all siz…Read More

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